Ascent is designed to be a comprehensive, network and computing asset management system.
While there are a number of open source products that are designed to track assets at a desktop/end user level, there is a noticeable lack of higher level (eg. server/router/hub/switch/etc.) tracking products.

What Ascent IS:

Ascent is an asset management system featuring:

What Ascent is NOT:


Tracking of network and computing devices

Assignment of devices to services (eg. host X is part of service Y)

Outage Tracking

Ascent utilizes the following open source technologies:

It is designed to be platform independent, provided the above technologies are available on the target OS. In addition, it is intended to be readily portable to other DBMS types, particularly postgresql.

Current Status:

This project is in the beginning stages of the current incarnation.
* Version 0.1 of the application has been released.
* Version 0.2 is expected to be released by the end of October 2004,

In the new version (0.2), the underlying architecture has changed dramatically, both in directory structure, and in application process flow.
There is not much content to it, but the SQL is complete (for now). There is also an installation guide, and some basic documentation.

To download it, please visit the project download page.

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